About me

I was born in the city of Wiesbaden, capital of Hesse, Germany. As the daughter of a best selling author, I had a love for stories and books since I was very young. By the age of 10, I had already published two children’s novels and sold them on Amazon.

After completing seventh grade, I made the crucial decision to leave school in order to accompany my mother on her travels through Europe. During this time, I learned English and French, and also taught myself Russian and Arabic, simply out of curiosity. English has become like a second mother tongue for me, which I use everyday for practical communication as well as for personal entertainment in my free time. For a better part of my teenage years, I was always on the go, until finally, at the age of 16, I recieved my high school diploma in eastern Belgium, and returned to Germany to build a livelihood.

That’s why I started the TRANSLATE YOUR BOOK project, which combines my passion for books and stories with my multilingual experience.

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Member of the Association of German-Language Translators of Literary and Scientific Works (Verband deutschsprachiger Übersetzer/innen literarischer und wissenschaftlicher Werke e.V.).
National Section of Translators in the Association of German Writers (VS) in ver.di