Prices and process

The process of my work always consists of three steps: In the initial phase, I focus on the faithful word-by-word translation of the text. This is always followed by a proofreading to ensure that the translation is completely error free. Finally, I perform a very thorough reading of the text, focused on improving the subtleties of the writing style and readability. Are there distracting word repetitions? Generic verbs and adjectives that could be replaced with more expressive ones? Not enough sentence variety?

If you decide on having a test translation, please send me the first 5 pages of your project. The cost of a test translation is always 60 € with a one-week turnaround time.

The price for translations of novels and non-fiction texts depends on the number of words in the text. My general price is 60 € for 1000 words (0.06 € per word), which for a novel with an average word count of 250 per page can be converted to 15 € per page. Half of the invoice price will be payed in advance, the remaining amount after completion of the order. The timeframe will be discussed together in advance. For a novel with an average length, you can expect the completed translation to be finished in about a month.

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